July 22, 2020

Update #10 – Second Chance

Hello Everyone,

We’re finally here with our latest updates after hearing your feedback on our support server. One of the most common requests was an option to clear someone’s history from your server. Sometimes people change and deserve a second chance, sometimes we make mistakes ourselves, and with our new command, you will be able to quickly clear someone’s bad history from your server.

Website Updates

  • Major security updates to our login system.
  • The server and code were upgraded to be able to handle thousands of users.
  • A warning icon will appear next to the Admin Panel and also the server itself if permissions are missing.
  • The error page was redesigned.
  • Servers can now censor themselves from punish lists on the user’s profiles. (Effect will decrease by 50%)

Bot Updates

  • A new “discore clear @name” / “discore unclear @namecommand was added to clear users’ history from a specific server.
  • New servers are being scanned x20-30 times faster.
  • General user scanning is way faster.
  • Help command was improved.
  • Bot stability and performance were improved.


We will keep more updates soon such as badging system, profile customization, and more! We’d love to hear your feedback so do not hesitate to comment down below! Please keep spreading the word as we’re almost at 1,000 servers 🙂 We’re going to rapidly grow soon with some advertising campaign that will launch soon on top.gg.

Want to vote for us? https://top.gg.discore.gg or https://top.gg/bot/606523030457417728


Best Regards,
Discore Team.

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