We respect your privacy

Discore was established first to make Discord a better and safer place for all. We do understand your concerns to keep your data private, and on this page, we will provide you with information regarding how you can customize and feel safer with Discore. Discore collects its data directly from the servers and not from the users. This is not a privacy policy page, but a transparent explanation we owe you.

Your User Profile on Discore

Each user that was at a certain point on the same server with Discore bot has a Discore profile and a Discore (score). The user profile will show the user’s server list, name history, Discord ID, current profile picture, and Discord name and punishment history.

Each user has an option to hide their name history from visitors that are not logged on the website. Each user has an option to hide their server list. We let you choose whether you would like to show this information or not. Keep in mind that hiding your server list will make you lose all your benefits from having high roles on large servers.

Furthermore, Discore only shows communities above 200 people. Small and more private communities do not appear on any user profile, neither on their punishments list.

Servers are communities. Showing the server list helps to promote the servers you’re in, and as we chose to hide smaller servers, we do not reveal your small private communities. Having a role on a server is something to be proud of, that’s what we believe in, yet still, you have the option to hide the server list. As for name history – this way, we help people to avoid scammers who continually changing names. We also help your old friends to find you if you changed the name since the last time you’ve talked.

Your Server

As a server owner, we believe you have the full right of whether to share or not share your server data. We believe in transparency, we think a server deserves an explanation to a user why they were banned, especially a large community. Also, a user, for instance, needs to provide an explanation of why he was banned on many servers. Your community is a name, a title. If someone was banned from your community, we recommend letting them and the public know why.

If you do want to hide your server ban reasons, you have the option to do so from the admin panel to hide your server ban reason or even hide your server name and size from the user’s profile (will decrease your ban effect). If your community has a sensitive or private subject, or if you feel most of your members would prefer not to tell they are participating in that community, we strongly suggest you enable hide of your server completely on the user profiles list.

Having a detailed punish list for each user helps both them and the community to behave better, think twice before troll or harm. Having the server list helps you to promote your servers and show off with your nice roles. Having your name history helps old friends to find you, and helps you to avoid scammers and ‘phantoms’. We’re here to help, to build a better Discord community, safer for everyone. And we’re always open to suggestions!


Thank you,
Discore Team.