July 14, 2020

One Million Users – Here We Come!

Dear Discore Users,

We are happy to announce that today we have surpassed 500,000 users, actually we’ve reached over 620,000 users after joining the defense lines of a few large servers. We keep going and growing, we have a lot of users from Spanish-speaking countries and also from Turkey, which means we might add a Spanish and Turkish versions of our website soon.

We want to thank you for your support, last week we’ve grown with nearly 200 new servers and 400,000 additional people which is an incredible growth. Remember – the more servers we’re in, the more indication we have whether a user might be problematic or your next best staff manager.

Also, we we’re approved to top.gg and discord.boats, two major botlists for Discord bots. We’d love if you can show your support by voting for us there. We will provide special benefits and features for whoever votes for us on these website.

top.gg link

discord.boats link

If you have any questions or suggestions we will soon open our international support server and feel free to reply here on this message.

We have also implemented a bunch of new features on the bot and the website, including the requested discore clear command, to clear a negative history of someone from your own server. A descriptive announcement will release soon.

Stay safe,
Discore Team.

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