On this page, we will answer the common questions we have received from our users.
If you have any additional questions, please join our support server at https://dis.discore.app.

Common User Questions

The most common question we get, the score is getting automatically calculated by various variables such as punishments (bans, kicks, mutes, punishes roles) and also staff roles, activity, and seniority. A too constant name changing can also slightly decrease your score. Duplicated (active) punishments (ex. having multiple bans) will increase the effect of actions of the same type, even older ones. We will keep expanding our affecting aspects.
We do understand the frustration caused by what you feel is a false ban. The first and second bans have a relatively low effect, and we encourage you to contact the server staff to clear your false ban in case this is an unlawful ban. We cannot and will not intervene or change server decisions. However, we keep monitoring suspect servers, and we will blacklist and ignore abusive ones. Also, punishments of the same type from a specific server do not stack up - only the last one counts.
While we do not expose our calculations directly, the server size has a significant role in determining the effect of its punishments. A server under 800 members will not affect your score, while a server under 200 will not even appear. The calculation happens at the moment of the punishment and will not be affected by the server's growth.
There are many ways to increase your score. The most significant ones are the user seniority both on Discord and on specific servers, activity, permissions on various servers, and more. Also, avoid changing names too often and getting punishments.
A good shining high Discore is always good for your reputation. Whenever you apply for staff, looking for new friends or partners - having a good history can always help to build trust. A bad score can block you from joining most of the Discore-supported servers as most of the servers do not allow users under (-300) in.
Some events may instantly change a user's Discore score, while others may take up to a few hours. Critical incidents such as bans / unbans etc. have an immediate effect, while others such as constant name changing may take some hours to update.
We currently do not have any premium features, we do plan some cool perks and benefits for our donors in the future. Worry not - we won't sell score increases.
Spread the word - the more communities having Discore, the more accurate data we have and right scoring. We will never expose private information or collect unrelated data. All the data we have is public data that is being directly obtained from the server themselves and not the actual users.
Indeed. The longer time passed since the punishment, the lower effect it has. However, it does have a limitation (minimum of influence) as long it is active. Once the ban is lifted, it depends on how long after the action was taken, it will keep decaying until it has no further effect.
We suggest you avoid hiding of data on your profile as this reflects transparency. You can read more about how we respect your privacy on this page. You do have an option to hide your server list and name history. Log in to your account, go to your profile, and under the Server List and Name History tables you have a little radio box that you can mark to enable hiding. People will still be able to find you by older names even with Name Hiding on.

Common Admin Questions

Discore has various systems and algorithms to protect your server and community. Discore will launch an admin-only text channel (you can, of course, play with who can access it) where it will warn about problematic users, so you can keep an eye on the right guys. The anti-mass ban system will remove any role of a staff that will exceed the ban limit you set on the Admin Panel.
We've taken into consideration server raids and 'alt' accounts. The anti-mass ban system will not count bans of people who are new on discord, new on your server, or with a bad Discore score.
Yes, easily, you can set it on the main page of your server administration. You can access it from the Admin Panel. Although, we recommend you stick with the default settings.
The larger and more active your server - the higher effect it has on the users' scores. That's a great way to motivate your staff members to keep climbing to your server management.
Whenever a staff member exceeds the amount of bans + kicks (combined) set on the Admin Panel, he will be demoted of all of his roles. The admins will be notified of the events and will be able to determine whether it was a lawful mass ban (the staff member will get all his roles back) or it was a malicious attack - the user will get 'server vandalize' badge on his profile, he'll lose a major amount of score and all the kicked/banned users will get an invitation with an apology by Discore (unless they have blocked PMs. Discore will send you the users that he couldn't invite)
We encourage you to leave it on, as it will help us to spread the word about Discore, the more servers with Discore, the higher accuracy and better data we have. Also, it may intimidate malicious users who joined to annoy. However, if you don't want it, you can toggle it off under 'SHIELDIS' on the server's Admin Panel.

Manage Roles - to be able to demote mass-banners.
Manage Channels - to be able to open critical warning channels that aren't public.
Kick Members - to auto-kick members under the desired score you set on the panel.
Ban Members - to access the ban list of your server, our bot never bans.
Create Invite - for future implementation to upgrade the user profiles.
Change Nickname - for future features that are not yet implemented.
View Audit Log - to catch actions in real-time, the ban list is not fast enough.
Read Messages - to receive commands.
Send Messages - to warn, provide information, and respond.
Send TTS Messages - for future features that are not yet implemented.
Manage Messages - to be able to remove messages, also for future anti-spam.
Embed Links - to provide links for users and assistance.
Read Message History - for a future anti-spam feature and activity tracking.
Mention @everyone, here... - to make sure you notice critical warnings (riot, raid).
Add Reactions - getting your admin approvals for bot decisions (mass ban).
User External Emojis - To use our own customized emojis.
As high as possible, Discore will not be able to stop a mass-banner in a situation where we lack permission or under the attacker's role.
As an admin, you have a lot of responsibility. If you feel like you gave a wrong ban, you can always cancel it. The sooner you cancel the ban, the greater influence this cancellation has. For instance, a ban that will be revoked within less than 24 hours after it was given will not keep any effect. If you want to fully clear someone's past impact of your server's punishments and also hide it from his profile, you can use the discore clear ID/@user command.
You can visit the Admin Panel and under your server's dashboard, go to Privacy Settings, and select "Hide server from server lists on user profiles." We do not suggest doing so unless you really do feel that people might feel uncomfortable showing they are in your server.
You can visit the Admin Panel and under your server's dashboard, go to Privacy Settings, and select "Hide the punishment reasons of this server (on user profiles)" option. We do not suggest doing so, as we believe in transparency - but this is up to you.