September 6, 2020

Big changes

Recently, Discore went through a lot of big changes.
For those that are not following in our Discord server, two weeks ago the bot owner, Eden (aka Essver) has been arrested for pedophilia and is currently awaiting trial.

We, the developers have decided to take over the project completely.
Currently, the project owner (Essver) cannot access either Discord or the bot as all his devices have been taken away.
Next week (14/09) the bot ownership will be transferred to the development team.
We have moved to a new host, domain, blog, and Discord server.

This is sad news, although it is great news for Discore’s future!
The developers are not limited anymore. The bot will finally get its love and support it deserved in our last year of operation.

What have been done already:

  • Support for BAT (Basic attention coin).
  • Faster user indexing on Google.
  • “Phantom” tag has been changed to “Changing names frequently”, Most users didn’t understand what it meant.
  • The bot doesn’t delete help and profile messages anymore.
  • You don’t need to log in to view names history anymore.
  • Bots don’t have score anymore. Their score will be shown as “BOT”.

What’s planned:

  • New website from scratch (faster, better and more features).
  • Huge advertising campaign.
  • Less downtimes.
  • API access.

We are very excited about Discore’s future and hope to share more updates soon!
Psss… If you haven’t already, join our new Discord server for updates and support (

Best regards, The new Discore team.

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